Charter Security – Microsoft Exchange Online Case Study

Charter Security Case Study Overviewcharter security

Organization Profile

With over 45 years in providing end-to-end security solutions, Charter Security has been protecting businesses, individuals, events, transportations, operations and homes across Australia and New Zealand. Being the largest 100 percent Australian-owned and operated full-service security organization, Charter Security prides on its experience in providing not only quality security services but at the same time products that safeguard against different types of threats.

Throughout the years, Charter Security has been expanding both its services and products portfolio, hence tapping a larger market not only locally but also overseas. This growth has placed a larger reliance on email-based communications which has resulted in continually increasing IT costs and support requirements from internal and external resources.

 Business Situation

Charter Security’s legacy email had been serving the business since 1996. Though the on-premise email platform of the corporation have served them well for the past few decades, Charter Security IT Manager, Bill Giannakis believed it’s time for an upgrade, he said “We required a more cost effective solution moving forward from our legacy mail server and backup setup, in addition a better degree of archiving and email retention”.

Charter Security understood that business expansion and tapping new markets mean that a full-featured enterprise messaging platform is a key driver to success. Charter Security also wanted to obtain access to mailboxes archives and recover valuable data that was lost simply because their legacy platform failed to provide data back-up, redundancy and fail-over mechanisms.

However, the corporation realized that on-premise email hosting is costly in almost all aspects. To maintain their email servers on-site, Charter Security had to invest heavily on hardware and software licenses, which takes significant percentage of their annual budget.

In a business focused on providing security services, it didn’t make sense to invest heavily on shift based IT support staff to ensure servers are still blinking green. In effect, Charter Security had been looking for a full-featured enterprise messaging platform at a lower total cost of ownership (TCO); combined with a capability of providing data back-up mechanism to achieve compliance archiving.


Team Paradyne offered Charter Security Microsoft Exchange Online not only to reduce costs associated in hosting email servers on-premise but also to optimize, increase uptime and improve the security of its email platform. Paradyne aided Charter Security with the provisioning of Active Directory synchronisation as well as migration from the on-premises Exchange Server.

Microsoft Exchange Online is a cloud-based enterprise-grade messaging service. With Exchange Online, Charter Security could experience the benefits of on-premise based Exchange Server deployment for only a fraction of the cost. With this cloud-based solution, users can get to experience larger mailbox sizes that can be accessed anywhere – local computers, over the web, and mobile devices.

The Paradyne team recommended moving Charter Security’s legacy email to Microsoft Exchange Online to help the corporation eliminate the costs associated in maintaining an on-premise email server. In addition, Microsoft Exchange Online allowed Charter Security to reach email server high-availability and 100 percent uptime, hence preventing inconveniences experienced by the corporation when their on-premise legacy email failed to back-up email data, implement redundancy and fail-over mechanisms.


With Exchange Online, Charter Security was able to migrate its legacy email platform to the cloud in a simple and cost-effective manner. Paradyne aided in Charter Security’s transition by recovering and restoring email data from its legacy platform to the cloud; hence making the business solve two its pressing issues – data back-up and total cost of ownership.

Charter Security’s move to Exchange Online also made them experience other benefits of Exchange Online such as redundancy, fail-over mechanisms, disaster recovery; reduced investment on support and maintenance; together with improved security and reliability.