Rookie Recruits – Office 365 vs Google Apps

Rookie Recruits Case Study Overview

Organization Profile
Based in Sydney, Australia, Rookie Recruits screens, places, and mentors candidates for career-start positions in businesses throughout Australia and New Zealand.

Organization Size: 14 employees
Business Situation
To enhance collaboration and simplify its IT environment, Rookie Recruits adopted Google Apps, but it quickly began experiencing challenges with the email, document, and spreadsheet web services.
Working with cloud-engineering partner Paradyne, Rookie Recruits switched from Google to Microsoft Office 365 for professionals and small businesses, a suite of hosted online messaging and collaboration solutions.
Increased business innovation. More flexibility, faster communication. Decreased management time. Improved competitive advantage.


Software and Services

  • Microsoft Office 365
  • Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2010
  • Microsoft Exchange Online
  • Microsoft Lync Online
  • Microsoft SharePoint Online



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